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EFT Events in Bellingham and Mt. Vernon

Daimon Sweeney, EFT-CC

Happening on June 23, 1:00-5:00 in Bellingham, WA

Make Your Life Easier

Things that feel hard. Some (sometimes all) of that is constructed reality. Constructed realities can be deconstructed.  Expand your sense of easy, access your energy, move out of frustration and feeling stuck.

Check out my new site to get a sample of this breakthrough work. It will change your sense of what’s possible.

These monthly afternoons have been life-changing for more than one person. Maybe you’re next.

Be awesome,


“I’m so glad I came. It’s a big, positive change for me. Thank you.” KW

When and Where

June 23, 2013 – Bellingham Gathering is at the Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) 2224 Yew St. Rd. (right on top of the hill, across from the radio towers).  1:00 – 5:00 PM. Please be prompt and bring water and a notebook to write in. Also June 24, July 22 (fourth Sundays). Mark your calendar.

Suggested contribution for Community EFT is $20. My intention is to share life-changing tools and experiences with the community, so don’t be fooled by the low contribution. You can spend much more for less results. Bring water, snacks to keep your energy up and a notebook.

I see clients privately, in person in Bellingham and by Internet anywhere.

Have a question? Call 360-441-1195 (daytimes Pacific time, please).


These monthly workshops are practical and produce deep, positive change on the spot. Personal revelations and life changes happen every time. Your life will be better. Here’s what people said after one workshop:

  • I’m impressed and delighted by your course. Really, really fine. Thank you.  - Gabrielle Conatore
  • Realized actual stress problem and it went away. Gave me gung ho energy and attitude to get project done.  – Jonathon Hill
  • Very powerful and helpful. I am ready to face what I want to do. EFT has been making positive shifts in my life.  – B.A.

Be Here Now Video


I made you a video.  In less than four minutes I bet you’ll feel more relaxed and centered. Notice how you feel before and after doing this process, then leave me a comment about what happened for you.

Here’s what some people in the most recent class had to say about it -

  • Wow!
  • It made me happy, gave me … confidence to face my issues in a way that is accessible anytime.
  • I like the fluidity and the spirit of fun exploration.
  • EFT is truly a life-altering tool that I am grateful to have learned.
  • Wonderful instructor that covered everything and answered all questions.
  • It is simple. It works. Start where you are. It is radically honest. If you continue it can be profound.

Check out the December 2011 and January 2012 EFT classes. Here’s the flier.

So what did the video do for you?

Are You Acceptable?

Why don’t we accept ourselves? Why do we criticize ourselves so much? Why do we hide who we are and create masks, and go to such efforts to present ourselves as acceptable or impressive? Our culture says we must be close to perfection before we are acceptable.

Of course we want to be accepted. It feels like a death sentence to be unacceptable.

But isn’t it handy that so many of us have acquired  a constant feeling of being unacceptable? Handy, that is, if you are a parent, advertiser, or politician who wants to manipulate someone into behaving, buying, going along with, and otherwise doing what you want them to do.

Feeling unacceptable is not necessary, normal, inevitable, nor need it be permanent. It is only a thought, radical as that seems. A thought with a lot of emotional charge built up around it, but that charge can be neutralized with EFT (which is what EFT is so good at).

This feeling of unacceptability is conditioned and the thinking it depends on is very illogical. We can take this feeling apart. We can also begin developing the opposite sense. That is actually a deeper form of knowing, being in touch with our authentic self.

One fear people have of accepting themselves is that they think they have to flog themselves with self-criticism or they will become couch potatoes. Does that make sense? Do kids run around with boundless energy and play all day long because they feel unacceptable and therefore must play more and learn more in a desperate effort to become acceptable?

No. They do it for the joy of it and because it is natural to them. You are the same. As your authentic self emerges you will do what you are called to do with more energy, creativity and presence.

Growing self-acceptance leads to more authenticity, more energy and creativity, better relationships, and a better life. Come to the first class to get the beginnings of this path, and discover you are not who you think you are, but much more.

My October and November classes are on this. If you want to change your life, this is a good chance.

Tired of being irritated, annoyed and upset?

August 2011 EFT Class

Click image for full size

August Relationship Cleanse class

Getting done with ongoing anger or upset? Are criticism or self-criticism driving you nuts?

If reactions like these are taking up too much of your life, would you like to change them? Would you like to take down your stress and free up your time and energy by eliminating these things? You can.

As you do you’ll upgrade the relationship, good or bad. A not-good relationship will be less not-good, and that’s an improvement worth having. A good relationship will get better. You can drop the past. Continue reading

The Directing Your Life Class

July’s class is Directing Your Life. What’s that about?

Two things. One is learning EFT so participants first gain control over their own emotional and reactive patterns, then begin opening up to larger dimensions of who they are and what they can do or be.

To that end everyone in the class gets the concise manual I’ve written on the best EFT methods (in my opinion, of course), distilling 11 years of experience. This is more than a list of techniques. It’s a whole approach that attempts (successfully, according to the feedback) to makes sense in a new way of how humans function and how and why EFT can alter patterns that are otherwise hard to change.

But that’s only the beginning. The other thing the class is about is practical change. Each person will choose a goal that means a lot to them. These goals can be internal (changing behavior or thought or feeling patterns) or external, something in the world  you want to do, be or have.

Then with my secret methods (well, not very secret, but highly effective) we will identify what internal obstacles block accomplishing that goal. Then we use EFT to reduce those obstacles to energy rubble, to be reintegrated as resources. Doing this again and again as obstacles are identified is edifying and life-changing. It can bring your goal into your life, too.

The class format is that in the first hour we generally go over experiences from the previous week’s homework (oh yeah, there’s homework – I’m not doing all the work) and coaching on how to work with specific issues or situations that come up. It’s a good time to share successes, problems, etc. A lot of EFT is learned in the course of this, in context, as needed, so it sticks.

In the second half we do EFT. Each person identifies a current hot issue and I work with one volunteer while everyone else follows along. Due to the magical nature of EFT (well – nobody really  knows how this works yet), everyone’s issue gets addressed and (usually) improves at the same time, without them even thinking about it. Very cool.

In this way more EFT is learned by example and osmosis (we also talk about what happened) and everyone gets a significant boost every week toward their goal.

Another dimension is that people in these classes seem to really appreciate getting to know each other. Discovering their problems are not unique, but that everyone can relate to everyone else’s issues, seems to be a real relief.

The class as a whole is a well-organized process designed to move you forward in the directions you want to go. You will learn a significant amount of EFT technique and develop skills in applying them  through practice, with the opportunity to get feedback and coaching from an experienced EFT practitioner (moi). You will change in positive ways that you appreciate, or I’ll give your money back.

So far all the reviews have been very positive, with 9s and 10s on whether people would recommend the class to a friend, with comments like “It works.”

Check out the first class with no obligation

If you’re not sure if EFT or this class is for you, I’ve decided to let you come to the first class as a trial. If it’s not for you, that’s it. No obligation. If you like it, join the class and welcome. In this way you can eliminate some uncertainty.

Speaking of certainties, the cost for the whole class series is $80 per person, or $60 each if you bring a friend. You can register by calling me at 360-441-1195 (my cel phone). When you come (you’re coming, aren’t you?) bring a notebook, a pen, and water (EFT doesn’t work if you’re dehydrated).

Seeing into the future

Looking ahead, there will be a day and a half workshop the 23rd and 24th of July. More info on EFTSettings.com. This will be great introduction to EFT and a fantastic way to do a lot of personal change work in a very supportive setting.

The August class is being called Relationship Redo. It’s a deep letting go of constricted feelings and life settings we develop in reaction to other people. Doing this eliminates a lot of obnoxious and often stubborn experiences. At the same time, it opens up possibilities we may not have realized were there, producing feelings of euphoria, freedom, energy and possibly even love.

September will be a continuation of the same theme so you can do eight weeks of it, or start then.

I look forward to seeing you soon. If you have any questions be sure to call or email me.

To your well-being,

Daimon Sweeney, EFT-CC

Who Would You Be?

Who would you be if you dropped all your conditioning? Who would you be without your fears? Who would you be if you were totally pursuing your dreams and the purpose of your life?

That’s what the Authentic Self class is designed to help you do. It’s a process, not magic, but changes will start happening immediately and then build consistently. You learn tools that let you take charge of your life. It’s a great feeling and you get real-world results.

The next class is May 2-10-17-24 and is $80 or $60 if you bring a friend. If you sign up at the EFT Introduction on April 20 it’s $70 for one person. Call 360-441-1195 to register.

Discover Your Authentic Self Class

What is authenticity? My definition is expressing our fundamentally true self, free of distortions imposed by limiting cultural and personal settings. Authentic expression develops over time with continued work, starting when we begin waking up from the conditioning we absorb as infants, children, and later. Expression of our underlying nature is shaped by our past and by our personalities, contributing to the richness of life.

With the perspective of this model of human functioning, reducing or eliminating limiting settings becomes an obvious goal.

The approach called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is very useful in doing this, in both the short and long term, especially when combined with mindfulness and intention. As limiting settings are relieved, deeper patterns may emerge and to be relieved in turn. The limits to this process are not known. EFT is interesting precisely for this reason.

The opposite of authenticity: Conditioned, reactive, fear-based, survival-oriented, habit-driven life

What is needed to change: Knowledge of and experience in using EFT. The use of EFT is augmented by the practice of mindfulness, which cultivates concentration and self-awareness.

The result: Growing equanimity, peace, balance, resilience, responsiveness, open-heartedness, creative capacity, spontaneity, physical ease, and greater well-being in all regards. This is living from the authentic, natural self.

The Discover Your Authentic Self class itself aims  at accomplishing three things:

  1. Teach you enough EFT and give you enough practice and understanding that you can use it effectively for yourself.
  2. Guiding you to reducing or removing limiting settings that affect you personally, and establish a path to removing further progress.
  3. Identify a direction of expression for your authentic self (not the only one) and use it to both identify interfering limiting settings so they can be reduced or eliminated, and to create a positive, creative direction.

To join the class contact Daimon Sweeney at 360-441-1195 or through the contact form of this site.